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- Four Wheel Campers Canada has a new website.
This one will remain for those with slow internet connections.
The new one, with lots of info and photos, can be found at;

Production times are running approximately 16 weeks.
Remember each unit is custom built.

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Four Wheel Campers are distributed in Canada
by Morrissey Industries Ltd.

FOUR WHEEL CAMPERS has specialized in the manufacturing of an all WELDED ALUMINUM FRAME, pop-up style camper for over 40 years. Each unit is built from the ground up by skilled craftsman utilizing only the finest materials. From their manufacturing plant in Woodland, California, FOUR WHEEL CAMPERS is able to provide the discriminating outdoorsman with the highest quality, lightest weight, and most durable pop-up camper available today.

FOUR WHEEL CAMPERS' low profile designs produce less wind drag than conventional cab-over campers and helps maintain a lower center of gravity. Combined with its light weight (the large Grandby model weighing less than 800 lbs.), this design helps to reduce fuel consumption, eliminates top heavy sway, and allows for parking in many garages. In addition, the patented EASY-LIFT roof system enables the top to be raised or lowered in less than 60 seconds.

How low can you go?

Tundra with Eagle on 
B.C.Ferries - floor to ceiling deck height 7'...

Many units will fit on the B.C. Ferries without being overheight!
Maximum height on this deck is 7 feet...

Four Wheel Camper units are regarded by most as the only true off-road camper. Have a look at specifications and pictures within this website and you will soon realize why so many people feel this way. The benefits of superior workmanship and materials, combined with a 30 year pedigree of proven success, identifies Four Wheel Campers as the camper built to be the best.

Four Wheel Campers are based on a few simple concepts:

  • Build a frame that manages bed flex without coming apart.
  • Apply the weight at the lowest possible center of gravity.
  • Construct a camper so light that it doesn't alter the drivability of a vehicle.
  • Use strong durable products in this construction.

The overall advantages not only apply to the serious off-road enthusiast, but also to the people that plan leisurely weekends to their favorite recreation area with friends and family. Convenience, comfort and durability is the formula that will insure your adventures are a success.

Morrissey Industries Ltd./Four Wheel Campers Canada now have storage facilities and demo units in the following locations.

Please note; Our locations are open by appointment only.
Please email for an appointment to view.

Our office and showroom located near Vancouver.

Showroom/Demo units include at least a Hawk, a Fleet
and units with all three interior layouts.
Others will come and go as shipments arrive.

Our Northern B.C. location (Peace River)

Closed for the season.

If you are interested in seeing first hand one of these units send us an email at and we will set up an appointment and get you directions...


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Please have a look through this website. You will find all the info you need including models, options and pricing.

May we suggest you start by reading the 'DESIGN FEATURES' and frequesntly asked questions 'FAQ's' pages.

Then go to 'MODELS' or 'WHAT FITS MY TRUCK' to find which camper is suitable for your vehicle and needs.

From there you can find more on a specific camper by clicking on either the name or photo of that model. Once at the model you want you can find the available options and pricing by clicking on the link that says 'available options and pricing'.

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