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 "Here are a couple of items that we are constantly being asked about"…

As there seems to be some misunderstanding about price differences between Canadian and US sales, this has been written to clarify the matter.

Canadian costs are considerably higher. We have additional freight, CBSA (border) and labour costs.

Other costs are incurred as a matter of producing a product that meets our Canadian needs better.

Some items, such as the CDC, which on first
glance seen expensive in reality are equal or
less then ordering though the factory and
taking delivery in the US.

Below is a breakdown of the items most
often asked about...


Canadian Modification Package.
US$ 495.00
(Shells without propane $ 345.00)
(subject to change)

This package was put together to help meet the
requirements of both Canada’s harsher weather
conditions and different regulations.

Formerly each item was a separate option/expense. If you have an old price list you may still see them listed that way.

Note; So we are comparing apples with apples, where applicable we have included the price as noted on the US website as (FWC $ XX).


Jack Brackets; $ 315.00
(FWC $ 315.00)

- The standard brackets ($215.00) are two piece steel construction. There is two issues with using them. In our climate they rust very quickly (even in dry Alberta they are rusty in 1 year), and on our rough roads they quickly become misaligned (which then requires drilling or other means to correct, further increasing rust areas). We requested that FWC design a one piece non rusting bracket which they now install on all Canadian units.

Propane System Upgrade; $ 240.00 (FWC does not offer this to individual customers)

- This is a mandatory requirement for all Canadian units to meet the Canadian Standards regulations.

Non or low rusting exterior items; $ 65.00

- We request items with the highest rust threshold - ie. latches and
gutter(s) - and/or add a protective coating.

Dealer Prep; $ 120.00 (FWC Not applicable)

- Once the units have been shipped/freighted to Vancouver they must be unloaded and prepared for the customers. This includes post freight cleaning and removal of protective materials. Units are shipped with protective covers, supports and hold downs so that nothing is damaged during freight transport and you receive a unit in great condition. We must remove this and prep the unit prior to the customer picking it up.

Above items priced individually;

US$ 740.00

- If you wish to change any of these items you can not receive the package price discount.


Canadian Destination Charge (CDC)
   US$ 1,235.00 (To our Vancouver yard.)
US$ 1,735.00 (To our Ontario yard)

(FWC prices varies)

(Subject to fuel surcharge)


Freight, border fees, broker fees and document fees.

- Most of this charge is freight from California to B.C. This freight cost varies depending on time of year and fuel costs but has been as high as $ 1,025.00. Other costs include Brokerage fees, US document fees and Canadian border (CBSA) importation fees.

Note; for those wanting to compare apples to apples.

FWC charges $ 800.00 to deliver to Tacoma WA, (4.5 hours south of the border) to Bellingham WA (30 minutes south of the border) $ 900.00.

You will then need to pay the Washington sales taxes (6.5%). Which as of June 30th 2010 is non-refundable. When you reach the border you will need to deal with customs and pay the CBSA fees and all Canadian taxes (and it seems CBSA charges GST/HST on the full amount including tax that you paid in the US). There is also the personal cost of your time and fuel to pick the unit up.

On a further note. It is now required that all factory pick up/installs must pay an additional US$ 500.00 to the factory and the California tax (8%) which is also non refundable, as well as the CBSA charges as above.


A few other items are priced differently. This is mostly due to the limits of free trade. If the item is not built in Canada or the US a duty may be payable when it is brought into Canada. Duty can add anywhere from 6% to 25% to an item.

Some of our product is bought from Canadian wholesalers, because of the above, the wholesale price in Canada can be more then the retail price in the US. Sorry to say we cannot sell these items at less then our cost.

As well a few items need further adjustment once they arrive in Canada to more fully meet our weather conditions. Instead of increasing the Canadian Modification package cost we have adjusted the price of the options.

And last but not least ... Yes, some items are less expensive in Canada. For example; Aluminum extensions plates are $ 130.00 on the US price list and only $ 65.00 on the Canadian price list.

All Prices subject to changes without notice. With recent prices increases we may be forced to increase some or all of the above prices.




Thank you for taking the time to explore this information and considering us in your
truck camper decision. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us;
by phone at 1-866-553-9758 or by email at     

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